Get Your Gun Laws Straight

Fox News, Shockingly, Gets Gun Laws Wrong

01.18.13 5:27 PM ET

On Fox News' "The Five," Greg Gutfeld angrily demanded:

“This is a great issue for the left because they appear to be tough on crime when, really, they’re only tough on guns,” Gutfeld said. “If they really cared, there would be federal handgun laws that stipulate heavier penalties for people who use handguns. Repeat offenders. Why not a federal law for — three strikes you’re out — for robberies and homicides…”

Guess what? The use of firearms is an aggravating factor in all kinds of offenses, federal and state, including such determinations as whether the death penalty is to be applied in drug homicides.

Stephen Colbert has aptly described "The Five" as Fox's answer to "The View," for people who find the panelists on "The View" too well-informed.