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Puppies, the Fresh Prince, the NRA and More Viral Videos

From American Idol’s worst auditions to Lance Armstrong’s doping confession, see our countdown of the week’s buzziest online clips.

10. Worst ‘American Idol’  Auditions Ever

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That’s a little pitchy, dog. With the 12th season of the iconic singing show just around the corner, we take a look back at Idol’s most memorable flubs, from “Pants on the Ground” to William Hung’s immortal “She Bangs.”

9. Jimmy Kimmel: Celebrities Have Feelings, Too

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From Justin Bieber to Zooey Deschanel, Jimmy Kimmel asks his guest celebs to read out hurtful tweets. Let’s be honest folks, how many of us have actually contemplated skinning Larry King?

8. Fresh Prince of Where?

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Wackier than Carlton’s dance moves, check out what happens when a classic TV theme song gets put through Google Translate. Mirror dice!

7. A Cappella-wesome!

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In less than a week, this video has gotten more than a million hits on YouTube. In their latest release, five-piece a cappella group and The Sing-Off superstars Pentatonix bust out their grandmas' coats and pop some tags with a cover of Ryan Lewis's and Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop.”

6. Song for Sandy Hook

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One month after a horrific shooting rocked Newtown, Conn., the country, and the world, 21 children—most current or former students of Sandy Hook Elementary—and folk singer Ingrid Michaelson have released a song to help the town heal.

5. Adorable Puppy Takes the Stairs

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How do pups learn to walk down the stairs? Same as people do: from their elders. Watch this cuddly-cute video of a dog teaching his puppy friend to walk down stairs.

4. NRA Takes Aim at Sasha and Malia

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Just when you thought the president’s daughters were safe from political attack ads, the NRA outdid itself and implied that the girls’ secret service detail adds up to preferential treatment. New low? We’ve reached it.

3. The NFL, Decoded

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So that’s what they’re saying. This lip-read video clarifies what NFL football players, coaches and referees are actually talking about on the field.

2. Flippin’ Awesome

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Need to promote your business? This guy’s sign-flipping skills are sure to make customers stop and stare.

1. Armstrong Sits Down with Oprah

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In a candid interview with Oprah Winfrey that aired last week, disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong admitted to doping during competition, ending more than a decade of denials. When Oprah asked him if he could have won his seven Tours de France titles without drugs, he responded, “Not in my opinion.”