Canada's Turn in the Spotlight

01.22.13 5:57 PM ET

Behold Canadian journalist Tim Mak saying things about our friendly neighbors to the north:

It’s a quadrennial tradition: every four years American politicians get on their hands and knees to beg for a ticket to the Canadian embassy inaugural event due to its prime location along the Washington Mall and the inaugural parade route.

The Canadian embassy’s tailgate party also had a fine show of native luxuries: Tim Hortons coffee, poutine, Molson Canadian, Beaver Tail pastries, Crown Royal cider — even a display of the newest BlackBerry model.

But the whole event was framed in diplomatic courtesies. Canada has its advantages, but we’re known for having the courtesy not to be in-your-face about it. This is certainly understandable: Storming in on your neighbour’s inaugural party with a list of your country’s gifts is not especially proper.