Filibuster Reform

Here's a Consistent Senator on the Filibuster

01.25.13 1:54 AM ET

Remember that New York Times editorial I complained about? Seems I wasn't the only person who found it inconsistent and offputting. Ladies and gentlemen, Sen. Carl Levin, (D-Michigan).

The hold-outs who warned against the “nuclear option” all hoped that Republicans would accept their new peace offering. “It’ll give great momentum to working on a bipartisan basis here in the Senate,” said Michigan Sen. Carl Levin. Democrats, by caving, had prevented a “meltdown.” To do otherwise would have been hypocritical. “One of the major newspapers in our country, and I won’t point out which one, the editorial this time was, ‘Hey, go use the so-called constitutional option.’ ” (Levin was referring to the New York Times.) “Read their editorial when the Republicans threatened to use the nuclear option! Strongly in opposition to the nuclear option. We’ve got to be consistent.”