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Prince Harry Won't Be Redeployed in Afghanistan

01.25.13 3:51 PM ET

Ship the X-boxes home - Harry won't be heading back to Afghanistan.

Although Harry 28, said he would love to return to the front line, he has likely seen his last spell of active service.

His Apache squadron is not due to return to Helmand before the  pull-out of combat troops at the end of 2014, and, according to The Telegraph, that pretty much rules out a return to the front line as there is no way he would be allowed to serve as a regular foot soldier.

A military source told the Telegraph: “There are five Apache squadrons and because Prince Harry’s squadron has just returned, it would not be due to go back for another 20 months, by which time combat troops will have pulled out. It’s highly unlikely that he will return for any other reason, though it is theoretically possible that he could be asked to go back if another co-pilot falls ill or due to other unforeseen circumstances. You can never say never."