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Woman Encounters Own Face On Canada's New Raoul Wallenberg Stamp

01.28.13 5:22 PM ET

Look on the top left

Incredible story from Canada. Judith Weiszmann, a Second World War survivor, encountered her own face on a stamp honoring Raoul Wallenberg, the Swedish man whose efforts saved tens of thousands of Hungarian Jews from falling into the hands of Nazi Germany. Go read:

Ms.Weiszmann rushed out to buy a couple booklets, tossed them in her purse, pulled them out later to take a closer look and practically fainted. The stamp features Mr. Wallenberg and a shutz pass, and not just any shutz pass, but one belonging to Judith Kopstein — age 14 in 1944 and age 83 now — and, more importantly, Ann Weiszmann’s mother.

“I couldn’t believe it,” she says. Neither could her mother, Judith, a retired structural engineer, Winnipeg resident and transplanted Hungarian Jew whose shutz pass — with picture included — is now immortalized on a stamp honouring a man she regards as the “greatest man” of the 20th century.

“It is just incredible that something like this would happen,” Judith Weiszmann says. “Wallenberg was fearless. He saved people’s lives by risking his own and having a stamp of him — that is very natural — but having my picture on it, that is something completely unexpected.”