What was Behind that British anti-Israel Cartoon?

01.29.13 3:35 PM ET

Our friend Tom Doran writes about the latest British anti-Israel cartoon debacle.

The cartoonist Gerald Scarfe just got in trouble for a cartoon of his in the Times, depicting Netanyahu building a wall with the blood and dismembered body parts of Palestinians as mortar.

Murdoch just had to apologize. Another day, another anti-Israel provocation, you might think... but sadly, among Scarfe's best-known work are the caricatures that appear in the introductions to Yes, Minister and Yes, Prime Minister. It'll be hard to see them quite the same way again. A particular shame, as the shows went out of their way to say the right things about Israel. Here's Charles Moore with... more.

We won't show that cartoon on the blog page. If you must see it, however, it can be viewed on the comments page.