A Great (if Random) Rod Stewart / Prince Charles Story

Royal anecdote from Rod's autobiography

01.31.13 3:00 PM ET

From Rod's autobiography:

It was quite a relief to Penny [Rod's wife, Penny Lancaster] to be invited back among royalty after what had happened a couple of years previously. I was playing a special event at Windsor Castle and Penny was seated next to Prince Charles at dinner. When the waiters appeared at Penny's shoulder with the main course on a platter, the prince was mid-anecdote. As she served herself, Penny continued to hold the Prince's eyeline, as she believed protocol demanded, missed her plate completely and heaved a portion of meat onto the tablecloth between them. The prince merely said, 'Oh, don't worry - I do that all the time,' and casually covered the mess with his napkin. What a bloke.