New York City's Finest

And the Ed Koch Bashing Begins

02.04.13 2:03 PM ET

Three days have passed since Ed Koch died. And that's enough time for Mario Cuomo to tell New York magazine what he really thinks about the late mayor.

How do you describe a person like Ed Koch?

He put an emphasis on all the important feelings. Love. Dislike. But in the end, he was unique in many ways. Unique in the way he thought. Unique in the way he made you laugh. Unique in the way he got even with somebody who did something he didn’t like. I think he believed very much in the concept of forgiveness—forgiveness of Koch.

He seemed to be both sensitive and tough at the same time. How do you explain that?

Very easy. Here’s how you do it. You love yourself more. And you dislike other people more. He was good at both.