New Education Gap

And What About the Boys?

02.04.13 1:00 PM ET

In the past number of decades, success in school has become based upon who can focus and sit still during class. While this has benefited girls greatly, this style of learning is harming boys’ chances of success in school, higher education, and job placement. Christina Hoff Sommers explains this trend:

I can sympathize with those who roll their eyes at the relatively recent alarm over boys’ achievement. Where was the indignation when men dominated higher education, decade after decade? Isn’t it time for women and girls to enjoy the advantages? The impulse is understandable but misguided. I became a feminist in the 1970s because I did not appreciate male chauvinism. I still don’t. But the proper corrective to chauvinism is not to reverse it and practice it against males, but rather basic fairness. And fairness today requires us to address the serious educational deficits of boys and young men. The rise of women, however long overdue, does not require the fall of men.