Full Time Work? Ha

Obamacare's Impact on Full Time Jobs

02.04.13 6:31 PM ET

Jed Graham points out at Investors Business Daily that the most recent jobs report suggests the advent of Obamacare is discouraging full-time hiring:

Although retail payrolls grew by 32,600, total hours worked in the industry dipped, Labor Department data out Friday showed. The explanation? Rank-and-file retail workers logged the shortest workweek since early 2010: just 30.1 hours, on average, vs. 30.4 in December. … A similar trend showed up in leisure and hospitality: January payrolls rose by 23,000 even as aggregate hours dipped 0.3%. … All signs suggest that businesses are starting to adjust their employment policies in response to ObamaCare. …

As Jed points out, the fines for failing to provide health coverage under Obamacare do not apply to part-time workers, meaning those who work fewer than 30 hours per week. And suddenly, we are seeing a lot more workers working fewer than 30 hours.