David Frum

Gilad Shalit's Return to Normal Life

02.05.13 10:00 PM ET

Gilad Shalit's abduction by Hamas in June of 2006 sparked lasting outrage in Israel. When he was finally released in October of 2011, he had been held by Hamas for over 5 years. Two years after his release, Chas Newkey-Burden had a chance to spend an afternoon with Shalit.

He seems, on the surface at least, to be remarkably well following his five years of captivity. He has a deeply curious mind and seems determined to see and understand as much of the world as he can. He’s interested in London architecture and loved the stunning red twilight that hung over the city ahead of dusk yesterday evening. He told me that in Israel the sky usually moves from light to dark in an instant.

… He laughed and smiled a lot during the afternoon. His vigour and humour after all he’s been through are inspirational. They certainly put my troubles in perspective. He is really living.