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02.06.136:55 PM ET

Daily Beast Readers Share 16 Weight-Loss Tips for Chris Christie

Chris Christie says he has ‘a plan’ to lose weight. To help him out, we turned to Daily Beast readers and asked what slimming ideas worked for them. You’re welcome, Governor!

When New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie told David Letterman he had “a plan” to lose weight, we believed him—but we also wanted to help. So we polled our readers on Facebook and Twitter, and asked for their weight-loss secrets.

You provided!

Our favorites range from water with fruit juice to a pack full of dogs. Did we leave any out? Leave ’em in the comments!

I don’t believe there is some magic pill. You achieve great health by being consistent and working hard toward your goals.


Losing weight, no matter how much or how little, is one of life’s biggest requires we stop doing things we love to do, and start doing things we really don’t care to do.

Mike M.

Between meals if you have the usual urge to have a ‘snack’ instead of forcing yourself to go hungry, just have a plain oatcake. It takes away the hunger pang and enables you to last to the next meal.

Richard C.

There is no secret, [just] good old-fashioned eating healthy with smaller portions. Eat veggies and low-fat protein, cut carbs and sugar, drink lots of water and green tea. Once you eliminate sugar, breads, and pasta, the weight falls off. Eating tons of greens like kale, broccoli, brussels spouts, all organics, is best.

Tracy L.

I have found that eating the same diet you normally eat works well. Just take half of the food on the plate and save it for the next breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Increase your exercise. Get proper rest and relaxation. Drink water with a little fruit juice in it.

Theresa I.

The secret to weight loss less, exercise more. There is no secret.

Amber S.

In the end, plans won’t help, the Internet won’t help, books won’t help, apps won’t help. It’s so simple, it’s embarrassing. It’s about will and honesty with yourself. You don’t need to count calories either. You know if you’re eating healthy or not, and you know if you’re eating too much or not. Eat smart and move your body for 30 minutes four times a week. Do this consistently for at least two months, and you will see results.

Kevin D.

Switch from diary to soy, eat less meat and use quorn and tofu, and carry around fruit and healthy snacks.

Clarissa F., London

No sugar, alcohol, gluten, or dairy. Sounds hard but is doable.

Karen M.

Making sure you define a goal before jumping on the treadmill or cutting out excess sweets from your diet is essential to actually getting any results. If, for example, your goal is to lose one pound a week, then all you have to do is cut 3,500 calories from your diet a week. Go see your doctor or nutritionist, and find out exactly how many calories you should be eating a day not to lose/gain anything…then simply subtract 500 calories from that.

Omeed A.

Four easy steps to losing weight:

1) Eat exactly what you are accustomed to eating—but eat half of your current intake.

2) Cut your intake of salt and sugar by at least half.

3) Get a bit more exercise—but don’t overdo it.

4) Quadruple your amount of sex!

You will lose weight… and enjoy at least part of the regimen.

Mark Sydney, San José, Costa Rica

Best tip: don’t deny yourself anything! Weight loss is about portion control and setting reasonable goals. If it’s not realistic that you’re going to stop eating doughnuts forever, then eat doughnuts....just in moderation.

Wynter M., Minneapolis

If it tastes good, spit it out!

Laurie, Redding, Calif.

1. I cut out all sugar.

2. Cut all meals in half for one month.

3. Cut in half again so I now eat one-quarter of what I was eating.

4. increase water intake to a minimum of 64 ounces a day.

5. Started walking every night.

Krisette H.

In January 2009 I weighed 313, by Oct. 21, 2009, my 47th birthday, I weighed 190. The plan of attack I used: detailed food intake and exercise. The food varied in that I would substitute some fruits and veggies for others, and the exercise varied by: early on I did less, later on I did more.

Lee B., Sacramento, Calif.

Go to your nearest animal shelter or local canine rescue and adopt three very young, very energetic, enthusiastic pups. Every morning, dress appropriately for the weather and head off into the woods (or wherever all of you can enjoy unleashed freedom and unbridled discovery) with your pups for a brisk and beneficial trek. Walk as far and as fast as you can; a mile is enough to start. Then gradually build your stamina and endurance, add mileage gradually. I promise, the pups won’t mind.

Pteryl D., Albion, Calif.