02.08.13 10:14 AM ET

No! No! No! Emma Parker Bowles Goes Burlesque

What will Aunt Camilla say?

Oh god please make it stop.

Minor royals taking off their clothes is usually good news but it's hard to feel positive about this tragic story by Emma Parker Bowles - 38-year-old niece of possible future Queen Camilla - posing in a basque and suspenders for the Daily Mail.

Miss Parker Bowles has previously had a neat line writing car reviews for Tatler magazine, and Camilla's son writes cookery books, all of which makes one wonders if this latest effort - complete with saucy snaps - is really such a good idea for brand PB. Killing the golden goose?

It's all very well for Katrina Darling to strip off NSFW as we all know that she's not really a royal, just a girl having a laugh with a slightly impenetrable claim to be Kate's fourth cousin.

This is different. And very, very dumb.