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Destiny’s Child, a Gangnam Baby, Malala and More Viral Videos

From Grammys and a toddler hoops prodigy to Chris Christie’s latest eruption, watch our countdown of this week’s buzziest videos.

02.09.13 9:45 AM ET

10. Glenn Beck: ‘You’re Commander in Chief, Not Chick in Chief'

Notorious troublemaker Glenn Beck did not disappoint last week (shocker). Beck accused President Obama of being ‘a girl’ on the air Monday evening, adding that POTUS’ ‘man card’ had officially been ‘revoked.’

9. Christie to Doctor: Shut Up!

Give the man a break! Chris Christie lashed out at a former White House physician after she voiced her fears that the New Jersey governor will die in office, calling him a ‘time bomb waiting to happen.’

8. Malala Yousafzai: ‘I Want to Serve’

After life-threatening surgery last week, activist Malala Yousafzai and her father spoke to ABC’s Bob Woodruff about her recovery, future hopes, and the creation of the Malala Fund.

7.  Baby LeBron James

This toddler may still wear diapers, but he doesn’t miss! Watch this amazing basketball trick-shot compilation, and make sure to avoid the little guy on the Pop-a-Shot circuit. (Via Joseph Ashby.)

6. David Beckham’s Butt

David Beckahm’s Butt went viral (again!) once more after appearing in this new Guy Ritchie-directed ad for David Beckham Bodywear. The ad features the tattooed midfielder running through the streets of Beverly Hills wearing nothing but his tight boxer briefs.

5. Police Brutally Beat Egyptian Man

A video depicting the brutal assault of a naked 50-year-old man carried out by police at a Cairo protest surfaced and went viral. Egypt’s opposition groups have since called for the resignation of the interior minister, to no avail, yet.

4. Grammy Nominees in 90 Seconds

Grammy fever is upon us. To prepare for Sunday night, The Daily Beast created a mashup of the year’s top songs, in less than two minutes.

3. Iran’s Alleged U.S. Drone Footage

The Islamic Republic aired this video on Feb. 6 after claiming that it was decoded from a U.S. drone shot down in late 2011. So this is what a drone sees from the air… or is it?

2. Destiny’s Child Returns!

The Daily Beast called it a comeback when Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams joined Beyoncé on stage for a fiery (literally) performance at the Super Bowl halftime show.

1. Gangnam Baby

Babies, babies, and more babies continue to top the viral lists. This Psy-jamming one-baby show hit the Web last Wednesday. Awesome moves, kid.