Save These Adorable Man Eaters

Polar Bears Are in Trouble

02.12.13 12:28 AM ET

Ansgar Walk via Wikimedia Commons

The fast disappearance of sea ice in the Arctic Circle has led to a dwindling population of Polar Bears. Many of the remaining bears have been forced to stay ashore and search for food from land. The result of these conditions means that starving Polar Bears are now a threat to humans living in northern towns, especially in Canada. A new study points to some measures that could help save the bears and also protect humans.

The most intensive program for dealing with human-bear interactions, the Polar Bear Alert program in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada, includes extensive hazing, relocation, and temporary housing of bears to mitigate conflict during the ice-free period… We encourage alternatives to killing problem bears, which is a common outcome in northern communities…[Other] options such as reducing attractants and securing storage of food should be included along with plans for increased deterrent capabilities. Training and equipping community polar bear monitors, along with extensive public education and inter-jurisdictional agreements, should be planned to help assure human safety.