Foam Wars

Bloomberg Crosses the Thin Foam Line

02.14.13 9:15 PM ET

Plastic-foam containers are used for everything from awful conference room coffee to Chinese takeout. Now, Mayer Michael Bloomberg wants to outlaw the product, citing environmental concerns.

On Thursday, Mr. Bloomberg, in his 12th and final State of the City address, will propose a citywide ban on plastic-foam food packaging, including takeout boxes, cups and trays. Public schools would be instructed to remove plastic-foam trays from their cafeterias. Many restaurants and bodegas would be forced to restock.

[In the speech] Mr. Bloomberg rails against plastic foam, even comparing it to lead paint. “We can live without it, we may live longer without it, and the doggie bag will survive just fine,” the mayor plans to say.

If he gets rid of foam cups, where am I going to put my 32oz Mountain Dew? Oh, right…