Family Values

Let's Talk About Same-Sex Marriage

02.14.13 1:04 PM ET

My friends Jonathan Rauch and David Blankenhorn discuss same-sex marriage at the Huffington Post's new "Let's Talk" feature.


My belief -- to be more accurate, my hope -- is that in this broad land, there is a new pro-equality, pro-family coalition waiting to be born. One that takes marriage seriously as a foundation of our civil society. One in which liberals support marriage even when the word "gay" is not in front of it. One in which social conservatives are pro-family enough to break bread with gays who are pro-family. And one in which gays fighting for access to marriage also want to leave the institution better off than they found it. A coalition, in short, that might, if successful, put an end forever to the conflict betweeen gay rights and family values.

And please don't tell me this is wishful thinking.