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Big Boi, Dido & More of the Best Music Videos of the Week (VIDEO)

Rick Ross plays with the big cats. Birdy Nam Nam gets fast and furious. WATCH VIDEO of the most entertaining, breathtaking, and bizarre music videos released this week.

03.08.13 8:00 PM ET

In this week’s top music video picks, we take a journey through the lives of cult members, voyeuristic marionettes, and Epic Meal Time’s greasy meals. From hip-hop to electronic and indie rock, featuring artists like CeeLo Green and Unknown Mortal Orchestra, see which music videos are becoming viral this week.

Birdy Nam Nam: “Defiant Order”

Bike riders popping wheelies while clapping their feet in the air (see 1:05) in the Parisian suburbs? Yes, please. This music video, set to the sounds of gritty, French house synthpop crew, Birdy Nam Nam— reminiscent of Daft Punk and Kavinsky, lets audiences into the underground world of stunt bike riding. With spectacular panoramic views of snowy-covered highway roads and empty parking lots, director Nicolas Davenel reveals the other side of motorcycle crews—dissimilar to Sons of Anarchy, showing an impressive and flawless feat of raw, unadulterated bike-riding talent. We haven’t seen vehicular stunts like these since M.I.A.’s “Bad Girls” video.

CeeLo Green (featuring Lauriana Mae): “Only You”

CeeLo Green’s latest video, off of his forthcoming solo album, “CeeLo Green is…Everybody’s Brother,” channels the surreal by using similar special effects popularized from the likes of Inception. Buildings and roads bend and swirl in the cityscape as CeeLo sings soulfully, professing his love to the sweet vocalist Lauriana Mae.

The Belle Game: “Wait Up For You”

A cult, a lesbian romance, and an old fashioned burning at the stake—this music video has it all. Vancouver-based quintet The Belle Game presents an engrossing narrative in the latest video for their indie pop song, “Wait Up For You.” Newcomers to a remote countryside town join an overzealous community that slowly become cult-like—reminiscent of horror film The Wicker Man. A love story develops, and punishments ensue for any runaways.

Big Boi “Apple of my Eye”

Cameo alert! Harley Morenstein of Epic Meal Time—the YouTube cooking show that puts Paula Deen’s high-calorie meals to shame—joins rapper Big Boi of Outkast fame, in his latest video off of his sophomore solo album, “Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors.” Apparently, Big Boi seems adverse to Morenstein’s food truck offerings of a Rueben sandwich deep-fried in chicken grease and wrapped in bacon in this video, and heads to a basement show for an infectious, upbeat live performance with crooner Jake Troth, complete with a live band and horn section.

Dido: “No Freedom”

Dido returns to the music scene with the March 26 release of her studio album, “Girl Who Got Away,” her first since 2008. The glowing 41-year-old tenderly sings the lyrics “No love without freedom / No freedom without love,” in this music video directed by heavy-hitter Ethan Lader, who has made videos for the likes of Bruno Mars. In the middle of a Macy’s Day Parade, Dido walks under colorful confetti fluttering through the sky, and the video is spliced with nostalgic footage.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra: “Swim and Sleep (Like a Shark)”

Lo-fi indie rockers Unknown Mortal Orchestra unveiled their latest video this week, showcasing a NSFW arrangement of puppetry masturbation and voyeurism. In this offbeat and darkly humorous video, one marionette seeks therapy for his feelings of shame due to his peeping ways, and finally finds comfort and solace in the end, in a surprising way.

Rick Ross: “Ashamed”

Maybach Music Group money must be bountiful as they seem to throw an unabashed amount of cash in Rick Ross’s direction to show how wealthy he is in his music videos. In Rozay’s “Pirates” video, he jets around in a speedboat around Miami’s open waters; in his latest video, “Ashamed,” besides the hot babe and gold chains surrounding him, he plays with an adorable pet tiger cub (see 0:52). Yes, I repeat, a tiger cub (see 1:26). When Ross isn’t busy holding stacks of money—which is a repeated theme in this video—he’s sporting an entire dead fox over his shoulder (see 3:48).