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Jimmy Fallon’s Seven Most Rockin’ Musical Numbers

With reports that Jimmy Fallon is a lock to take over ‘The Tonight Show,’ we expect NBC’s late-night institution to get a little more funky. Watch Fallon’s best musical numbers.

03.21.13 4:25 PM ET

‘Whip My Hair’

Fake Neil Young, one of Fallon’s regular alter egos, loves Will Smith-related material. Here, he and sidekick Bruce Springsteen (the real one) cover a hip-hop jam by Smith’s daughter Willow, turning it into a moving ballad.


Jimmy passes the mic to Stephen Colbert, backing him up for this hilarious theatrical version of Rebecca Black’s awful/wonderful viral hit. And you’ll never guess the random musical guest that slides in halfway through the spectacle.

‘Call Me Maybe’ 

Ain’t this just adorable. Fallon, The Roots, and Carly Rae Jepsen play her smash single on instruments from an elementary school music room, including a colorful mini xylophone and bongos.

‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ 

Oh, and a private Mariah Carey concert … I want that too. Late Night heads to the music room again—this time it’s festively decorated for the holidays—and brings along a few kids as background singers for Mimi.

History of Rap Part 1

In July 2012, Jimmy and Justin Timberlake took us to school—the old school—in this impressive 36-song rap medley. The duo spits fire flames, covering everything from rap pioneer Grandmaster Flash to current superstar Nicki Minaj.

History of Rap Part 4

Everyone loved History of Rap so much, they decided to do three more. Here’s the most recent installment, where you can “Get Ur Freak On” while sipping “Gin and Juice” at the “Thrift Shop.”

‘Born to Run’

There’s a new Boss in town. At the 2010 Emmys, Jimmy performed a rousing rendition of Bruce Springsteen’s hit, accompanied by the cast of Glee and several special celebrity guests like Tina Fey and Joel McHale. (Spoiler alert: watch out for inappropriate physical contact between Fallon and Jane Lynch.)