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Lindsay Lohan, Lil Wayne, Social Farting & More Viral Videos

From what Serena Gomez and David Letterman share to Lil Wayne’s comeback announcement, WATCH our countdown of the buzziest videos from this week.

03.23.13 8:45 AM ET

10. Lohan Gives New Meaning to Glitterati

Late for court, Lindsay Lohan was greeted by a throng of photographers and a bunch of golden glitter. Save the golden shower jokes for R. Kelly, please.

9. George Stephanopoulos Is 6’7 in Bed

...Says his wife, actress and comedienne Ali Wentworth. What you got, Bob Schieffer?

8. Dwight Howard ‘Gangnam Style’

The Lakers’ star center made quite the entrance on his first visit to ‘Ellen.’ He then told the host that ‘Finding Nemo’ is his favorite movie and blue fish Dory’s (Ellen’s) voice is ‘so sexy,’ before shedding fake tears of joy at finally getting to meet her.

7. Barack, Bibi and... the Golden Girls?

The Israeli Embassy to the U.S. published this bizarre video Tuesday afternoon, promoting President Obama's visit to Israel. For some reason, they chose the ‘Golden Girls’ theme as the soundtrack.

6. Get That Spoon Away From My Ice Cream

Now that’s insightful NBA analysis. Watch commentator Chris Webber make brilliant use of the telestrator, with a play-by-play of ice cream defense.

5. Kid President Fills Out His Bracket

Forget Obama, here’s the leader we should listen to. ‘Everybody talking about March Madness; I’m ready for some March gladness,’ says adorable Kid President before making his NCAA tournament picks, from ‘Michigo’ to ‘ Makquette’ to his favorite team, GONZAGA!!! (Spoiler alert: He chooses Wisconsin because he loves cheese.)

4. LSU Football ‘Harlem Shake’

We just can’t escape it, can we? Coach Les Miles, always a colorful character, leads his Tigers in the newest viral rendition of the dance craze.

3. Canada Warns Against Social Farting

Equating ‘social smoking’ with passing gas in public, we’re not sure whether this Canadian PSA is effective, but it’s definitely vulgar and entertaining.

2.  Lil Wayne’s Back in the Game

And he’s ‘more than good.’ After thanking his fans for their ‘prayers’ and ‘concerns’ while he was in the hospital, Young Weezy announced that his ‘bomb-ass album’ was still dropping next week and he still planned to go on tour.

1. What Selena and Letterman Both Did to Bieber

During her visit to the ‘Late Show,’ the ‘Spring Breakers’ star shared a laugh with the host about her ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber. But can you guess what Gomez and Letterman have in common?