It Was Only A Matter of Time

There's an Hermès T-Shirt That Costs $91,500

That you would probably feel pretty "clammy" wearing.

03.25.13 8:38 PM ET

You’ve heard about the $55,000 backpack. Now, there’s a $91,500 t-shirt. The good folks at Hermès have created a black men’s crocodile top that retails for more than several years of college at a elite institution or -- as one writer put it -- "more than three or four actually quite decent cars." The Awl’s Choire Sicha found the shirt at the company’s Madison Avenue store, where he stealth-snapped a picture of its pricetag. “Seems like you might feel a little clammy in it?” he wrote. “Also kind of awkward to just have everyone stare at your shirt. (“Is that strange rich man wearing a crocodile???)”