Best Reads on Gay Marriage at the Supreme Court

DOMA looks doomed, but would a high court sidestep be the best move for gay marriage? The Daily Beast picks the most cogent takes on the arguments in the two marriage cases before the Supreme Court this week.

03.27.13 9:54 PM ET

DOMA in Trouble
Lyle Denniston, SCOTUSblog

Justice Kennedy seemed persuaded that the federal law intruded too deeply into the power of the states to regulate marriage, and that the federal definition cannot prevail. 

The Laughable Argument Against Gay Marriage
Jeffrey Rosen, The New Republic

The Supreme Court justices will eventually have to reckon with “responsible procreation.”

Married, Gay, With Children
Emily Bazelon, Slate

The bottom line at the Supreme Court: Gay marriage hurts nobody, and it’ll help thousands of kids.

Stay Out Of It, Supremes!
Paul Campos, The Daily Beast

As the justices openly wondered whether they’d agreed to hear the Prop 8 case too soon, Paul Campos says the best way to honor the “democratic process” is for the Supreme Court to back off and let the lower-court ruling stand.

Why DOMA Is Doomed
Amy Davidson, The New Yorker

The very madness of the bureaucratic illogic that DOMA creates may generate even more government interest in overturning it.

Beware the Predictions

Beware the Predictions
Adam Winkler, The Daily Beast

Remember the Obamacare ruling debacle? Pundits read too much into the oral arguments—and got the outcome wrong. Adam Winkler warns against overanalyzing the clues in the current gay marriage hearings.