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Lil Wayne, Passion Pit & More Best Music Videos of the Week (VIDEO)

Skrillex gets down in the Dominican Republic. Yeah Yeah Yeahs get sacrilegious. WATCH VIDEO of the most entertaining, breathtaking, and bizarre music videos released this week.

03.29.13 5:53 PM ET

In this week’s top music video picks, we take a journey through witch-hunts, fire dancing, and relationship woes. From hip-hop to electronic and indie rock, featuring artists like A$AP Rocky and Toro Y Moi, see which music videos are becoming viral.

Passion Pit: “Cry Like a Ghost”

Director duo, The Daniels, never cease to amaze the music video world. Time is but a psychological concept in their music video for Passion Pit’s “Cry Like a Ghost” as scenes seamlessly travel from one girl’s intimate relationship to another—revealing her tearful and joyous adventures in love, in this emotional video.

Misha B: “Here’s to Everything (Ooh La La)”

Misha B, one of Britain’s favorite former X-Factor semi-finalists plays with the elements in her latest video for “Here’s to Everything (Ooh La La).” In a high concept video, Misha B enlists a team of dancers to show their poetic moves off in colorful clouds of smoke, fire, and water—with the help of some gorgeous slow-motion cinematography.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs: “Sacrilege”

Yeah Yeah Yeahs sure know how to return to the music scene with a bang. In their debut single off of their much-awaited Mosquito album, they bring to life an engrossing narrative that warps time like the 2000 film Momento. Fans will need to watch the video a few times in order to get a clearer understanding of why actress and model Lily Cole (The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus) is getting burned at the stake as if she’s on a witch trial!

Toro Y Moi: “Never Matter”

A young woman sets up shop at a flea market—strapped with a video camera and some tunes—and encourages anyone who passes by to dance to the funky synthpop sounds of Toro Y Moi’s “Never Matter.” Watch until the end of the video to see what else she likes to film besides dancing strangers. Twist!

Michael Bublé: “It’s a Beautiful Day”

Nothing can bring Michael Bublé’s bubbly mood down—not even seeing his wife (played by Jaime Pressly) at home locking lips with a bespectacled nerd (Jesse Heiman of GoDaddy’s Super Bowl commercial fame). He takes a walk, or tap-dances rather, through his vibrantly colored suburban neighborhood, encountering women of all types—especially the leggy ones who are willing to wait in a long line at the kissing booth to give him a smooch.

A$AP Rocky (featuring Skrillex): “Wild for the Night”

A$AP Rocky joins forces with Skrillex and Birdy Nam Nam in the third single off of his album, “Long. Live. ASAP.” The rapper travels to the Dominican Republic with the dubstep king, revealing impressive wide-angle shots of the locale, in this chopped-and-screwed track.

Lil Wayne (featuring 2 Chainz): “Rich as F**k”

Lil Wayne gave the hip-hop world a bit of a scare when he was hospitalized last week, some news agencies even jumped the gun on reporting he was facing his final days. His latest music video, “Rich as F**k,” exemplifies why fans were aflutter in fear of losing the rapper—his talent would be missed. The abstract video takes Lil’ Tunechi and 2 Chainz out to sprawling desert landscapes, with even a bizarre fight sequence between two characters wearing all white (see 2:04).

Captain Murphy: “The Killing Joke”

Experimental music producer Flying Lotus takes to his alter ego, Captain Murphy (named after a character in Adult Swim’s Sealab 2021) into his latest musical venture—rapping. The video is shot entirely in black and white, laced with haunting and beautiful fleeting montages. In regards to his experimental style and not always fitting in, he told Pitchfork, “I feel like I'm hip-hop's f**king weird step-child and they don't want to see me."