Obama's America

Deer Hunters, Your Nation Needs You!

04.02.13 1:16 PM ET

A deer in a park in South Korea. Those "hunters" probably couldn't even bag this one (Flickr)

Will someone please go shoot the deer our nation's government is apparently incapable of killing?

Twenty deer were killed late last week in Rock Creek Park during the National Park Service’s first sharpshooting operation.

The number falls far below the agency’s target to harvest between 60 and 70 deer in the park over four nightly operations between Wednesday and Saturday. Park entrances were blocked off as sharpshooters stood in the hills with thermal-vision goggles, waiting for deer to partake of corn-cob bait. There were no injuries to staff, according to Carol Johnson, the agency’s spokeswoman.

Well-trained men with thermal-vision goggles and high powered rifles couldn't handle a few wimpy little deer. Our nation is going so soft, and it's clearly President Obama's fault.