Ping Pong

VIDEO: William and Kate Play Ping Pong

Young Royals tour of scotland continues today

04.05.13 10:50 AM ET

Earlier this week, Pippa Middleton was boasting of her family's ping pong prowess, and now here's a good video of her sister Kate and hubby William playing table tennis while on their mini-tour of Scotland.

First of all the two warmed up with a knock about on their own, and then they were joined by two youngsters for a game of doubles.

Kate's got a pretty mean smash, we feel sure you'll agree. But the heels make me nervous. We do not need a trip or a fall right now.

There's something about watching a couple that gives you a unique insight into the power dynamics of their relationship and my verdict is: Kate wears the trousers.

The game happened yesterday when the couple were at Drumchapel Table Tennis Club in Scotland.

They are continuing their trip around Scotland today with a visit to the restored Dumfries House, one of Prince Charles's pet projects.