Wearable Art

Jewelry that Speaks for Itself

The Daily Pic: Silversmith Sakurako Shimizu makes ornament from exclamations.

04.08.13 8:45 AM ET

Three “waveform” brooches by Sakurako Shimizu, of Japan, on display in “Wear It or Not”, an exhibition of newly acquired jewelry at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York  – where I also saw the “wood” show of Friday’s Daily Pic. The brooches represent the sounds of three common vocalizations – “wow”, a yawn and a sneeze – laser-cut into sheets of variously treated sterling silver. You can almost imagine the waveforms as the sounds the brooches hear as they sit in the museum, or as the “comments” of viewers who see them worn on somebody’s body. It’s as though the pieces were aware of their own reception, and record them in their shapes. (Photo by Takateru Yamada)

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