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Creepy Tweets Supposedly Written by Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

Save for a chilling message that reads like a warning, the surviving Boston suspect’s supposed Twitter account mostly shows a bored teenager.

04.19.13 5:34 PM ET

As Dzhokhar Tsarnaev remains on the lam amid a massive manhunt, a few fake online profiles of the 19-year-old have made the rounds. But this one seems to be the real deal—and what at first glance appear to be the musings of an average teenager have now taken on a chilling subtext. 

A cached profile photo of the handle @J_tsar matches images released by law-enforcement officials, and classmates on Twitter use it when they reference Tsarnaev. Other classmates confirmed to BuzzFeed that the profile is legitimate. People who knew Dzhokhar say he went by Jahar because it was easier to pronounce.

As such, as there are a few tweets that have taken on an ominous new light. Namely, this Jay-Z lyric, sent the day of the bombing, urging his followers to stay safe.

And this, the morning of the bombing:

The supposed suspect continued to tweet in the days following the bombing, including debunking this story:

His lastl tweet, on April 17:

On the whole, however, it reads like the account of an ordinary 19-year-old kid. Maybe a little angsty:

He does make a 9/11 joke:

About which he seems to be a truther.

But mostly he tweets about being lazy, racing cars, and hanging out. He seems to be a fan of Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, and Sons of Anarchy. He writes about Nutella, Hot Pockets, and cereal, and tweets lyrics from Kanye, Eminem and the musical Rent.

He talks about smoking, once at the Boston Marathon.

He also tweeted about missing Chechnya:

On Twitter, acquaintances expressed shock that he could be the bomber: