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Margaret Thatcher's Hairstyle Craze

Never mind "The Rachel." Now, everyone's rushing to get the Maggie bouffant.

04.30.13 3:57 PM ET

First came news that Margaret Thatcher’s death had instigated an uptick in the sales of her favorite handbag. And now the same thing is happening with her signature pillowy, bouffant hairstyle, reports The Daily Mail. Hairstylist Maximiliano Centini told the paper “We have now done the style for over 100 women, it is a surge.”

The hairstyle’s draw has a lot to do with Thatcher’s own personal style. Long revered for her ability to appear both feminine and powerful, Thatcher’s personal taste paved the aesthetic way for contemporary politicians like Hillary Clinton. It’s appropriate, then, that actress Flora Raffles MacLaughlin (one of Centini’s patrons to recently receive the style) thinks her new ‘do “is the perfect mix of feminine style with a hint of masculine power. I think for a modern woman that is now an ideal balance. When my other model and actress friends saw it they were immediately intrigued. I have been turning a lot of heads.”

Centini says, “I have not known anything like this for many years … I experienced something similar when the Jennifer Aniston style became popular but that surge built slowly—this has completely come out of the blue.”