Immigration Reform

Marco Rubio is Really Confused About Whether He Trusts the Government

05.23.13 1:53 PM ET

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

The Washington Examiner's Byron York catches Florida Sen. Marco Rubio in an awkward set of talking points. Rubio (emphasis added):

“What I am concerned about is the regular order of doing things in this city, where the debt limit has been raised consistently, without any conversation about the fact that this government borrows 40 cents out of every dollar that it spends,” Rubio said. “My concern is that I do not have trust in Washington DC. I don’t care who’s in charge.”

Great! So Rubio opposes granting Washington a sweeping set of new powers when it comes to administering his proposed immigration reform, right? 


Despite that lack of trust on fiscal issues, Rubio places enormous trust in Washington when it comes to handling immigration. His 867-page reform proposal gives the Secretary of Homeland Security great discretion in maintaining border security, internal enforcement, the legalization of currently illegal immigrants, and dozens of other issues. A quick search reveals that the bill uses the words ‘the Secretary” about 1,050 times. That’s a lot of emphasis on Washington, DC.

Pro tip: if you seek attention by boldly standing up to President Obama and Democrats on spending, you'll look pretty foolish when you're simultaneously the point man for a bill granting them a host of new bureaucratic and regulatory powers.