Bonas Battle

Cressie Is Just Right For Harry

Paper of record leaps to defence of Harry's girl

05.30.13 10:09 AM ET

A wonderful counterblast in The Times today to yesterday's extraordinary hatchet job on Cressida Bonas in the Mail. Stefanie Marsh writes brilliantly about Cressida, describing her as an old-school Sloane who "is part of a sliver of society that does not need to care what the rest of us think," and suggests that her failure to be middle-class like Kate is what some unnamed people may not like about her.

Marsh also has a nice verbal snapshot of the Royal family in the 90s: "The Royal Family was fairly unpopular too. You had Fergie having her toes sucked, Andrew being a moron. You had a neurotic, ballsy Princess of Wales doing very unaristocratic things such as touching people dying of Aids and caring what happened to the victims of landmines. You had her heartless husband, his mistress always loitering in the background."