The News From Israel

05.31.139:10 AM ET

Muslims Combating Anti-Semitism

"We became connected both physically and in our souls."
--David Ben-Yair after a surgery in which he received a kidney from Mohammed Akrat's wife and Akrat received a kidney from Ben-Yair's son.

  • Settlers install mobile homes on private land in al-Khader village, near Bethlehem - The settlers installed the mobile homes at the illegal outpost known as Sde Boaz, in the Ein al-Qassis fields of al-Khader, in response to an Israeli court decision to evacuate Sde Boaz. Separately, settlers built a monument and benches in the area known to al-Khader farmers as Dhahr al-Zayyah and raised Israeli flags in the area. (Maan)
  • 'Price tag' in Jerusalem's Dormition Abbey - Hate slogans reading 'Christians are monkeys' found on one of Jerusalem's most important Christian religious establishments; car tires slashed. (Ynet)
  • Israeli army, navy damage farmland in Gaza Strip - Five military bulldozers entered the southern Gaza Strip near al-Qarara village east of Khan Younis as army planes hovered above. The bulldozers dug up agricultural fields near the border, damaging the crops, before withdrawing. (Maan)
  • Coalition partners split on bill to prioritize Israel's Jewish identity - Yesh Atid MK Ruth Calderon has come out against Habayit Hayehudi's public description of a bill she had been working with the party to promote. (Haaretz+)
  • Muslims combating anti-Semitism - At Jerusalem conference, British-born Muslim compares KKK rallies in US to anti-Israel protests in London. 'During my visit I saw Israel wasn't some apartheid state,' he says. (Tazpit right-wing agency, Ynet)
  • Palestinian medical school grads protest exclusion from Israeli hospitals - The Al-Quds School of Medicine, east of Jerusalem, is considered neither Israeli nor foreign, leaving its graduates ineligible to take the Israeli licensing exam. (Haaretz+)
  • 5 Bedouins injured as Israeli police demolish houses in Negev - Clashes erupted as Israeli forces demolished three houses in an 'unrecognized' village. As the owners tried to prevent the demolitions, Israeli officers fired stun grenades, tear-gas canisters and plastic-coated bullets. Children and a pregnant woman were among the five wounded. (Maan)

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