You Cannot Be Serious!

Camilla Tells McEnroe at Wimbledon: "I'm Too Old For Tennis"

Comments recorded without her knowledge

06.28.13 8:07 AM ET

Camilla Parker-Bowles has told John McEnroe that she used to play tennis but doen't any more as she is "too old".

Her comments came as she was chatting to the veteran American Wimbledon star during a meet and greet, and apparently did not realise her interlocutor was wearing a microphone.

The Telegraph is trying to use the incident to accuse the BBC of disrespect to the Royals, and saying that broadcasting private remarks is a breach of protocol, but Clarence House isn't biting, saying it is 'not an issue'.

During the conversation, McEnroe asked her: “Do you play?” to which she replied: “Oh, very badly. I would love to start again but I’m afraid I’m too old.” McEnroe said one was “never too old” for tennis.

Camilla then said: "It’s nice to be able to catch up again, see all of you, and if we can’t see you, we watch you on the telly.”