Our Bodies, Ourselves

From Bodybuilders to Bondage Queens

The Daily Pic: In Venice, Ali Kazma shows us all the ways we torture our flesh.

07.12.13 12:43 PM ET

Art in its informative mode, in a video installation by Ali Kazma, in the Turkish pavilion of this year's Venice biennale. (Click on the image to see someone's YouTube clip of the piece.) The work is called "Resistance", and it simply chronicles all the ways in which we use and misuse the human body, showing us everything from steroid-pumped musclemen, to  tatooed skins to flesh distorted by S&M bondage. We tend to neglect the crucial ostensive function of art – it's simple ability to point at things in the world – but Kazma's installation is a reminder of how far simple ostension can take us.

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