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Who You Calling Bald? Prince Meets Eagle

Prince Charles comes face to face with a bald eagle at a country show

The balding Prince of Wales had a brush with a bald eagle at the Sandringham Flower Show yesterday.

Charles held the two-year-old eagle, Zephyr, as he and The Duchess of Cornwall came to the end of their tour of the show at The Queen's Norfolk retreat.

Pool photo by Chris Jackson, via Getty

When the bird, which weighs more than 10lbs,  flapped her wings, the prince was almost clipped by her impressive four foot span.

About 20,000 people attend the annual show and many braved heavy rain to offer their congratulations to the new grandparents.

Ann Whiting, of Castle Rising, Norfolk presented the couple with a crocheted shawl which she had spent six months making.

The Prince was heard saying that The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge would be "thrilled" by the present.

The Sandringham Women's Institute member said: "I started soon after the announcement that she was pregnant was made.

Pool photo by Chris Jackson, via Getty

"I wanted to give them something special but which they could also use.

"He seemed pleased with it and said he would pass it on."