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John Stamos Turns 50! Watch Uncle Jesse's Greatest Moments

From 'Full House' to cuddling lessons with Uncle Jesse, watch John Stamos's greatest moments.

Despite his infamous "Uncle Jesse" mullet and a string of Greek yogurt advertisements, John Stamos has always remained a Hollywood heartthrob. And today, the sexy actor has reached a personal milestone: he just turned 50! To celebrate the eternally seductive (and seemingly ageless) actor, we've compiled seven of his best moments. 

Full House Reunion

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It had been nearly 20 years since Jesse and The Rippers reunited in song, but they dazzled fans with a performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live in July--leather vest and flowing black locks included

Full House Cock Block 

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Who can deny the likes of a pouting and precious Mary Kate Olsen (or was it Ashley)? Apparently, Uncle Jesse can, especially when he's trying to work his mullet mojo with Lori Loughlin.

John Stamos's Guide to Cuddling

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In this College Humor original sketch, we find out exactly what makes the perfect cuddle partner, with moves like the "Stamos Spoonful," "The Stamos Swaddler," and "Stamos Shark Sleep." 

Ellen Degeneres and John Stamos Play Pictionary 

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He starred on ER, so he must have some knowledge of medical terminology. But on this episode of Ellen, the talk show host quizzed Stamos on some well-known terms that he's then forced to draw. Who knew a syringe could look so...phallic. 

Uncle Jesse Serenades Rebecca

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John Stamos + The Beach Boys + True Love = Jesse and Rebecca Forever

Uncle Jesse Makes His Music Video Debut 

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What happens when GQ meets Lana Del Rey? This video. 

BONUS: Jennifer Lawrence Stalked John Stamos 

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Even J Law can't resist Uncle J.