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The Twerk That Won the Internet, ‘What the Fox Say’ & More Viral Videos

From a classic college class prank and 98-meter basketball shot to the return of Jon Stewart, WATCH our countdown of this week’s buzziest videos.


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Rather than let Steve Buscemi simply promote the new season of Boardwalk Empire, Jimmy Fallon had the seasoned actor read outrageous user-submitted tweets in his grizzly deadpan.

Senior-Citizen Harassment

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Jimmy Kimmel filmed Aunt Chippy’s reaction to Miley Cyrus’s controversial VMA performance. Miley said she won’t stop, Aunt Chippy nearly begged her to.

This ‘Professor’ Just Shattered Your Dreams

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In this hilarious back-to-school prank, a guy duped an entire classroom into thinking he was their professor, squashing all their aspirations in the first two minutes of class. Things got awkward when the real professor walked in.

Confectionary Perfectionary

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KitKat is reinventing what it means to be a chocolate bar… or at least how it advertises. In a new ad, the snack transforms into a high-tech device, with “Chief Breaks Officer” Christopher Catlin hyping the bar’s great features, from its “four mega bite” version to its role as “the perfect second screen companion.”

The 98-Meter Shot

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This video proves two things: 1) If you have enough time, you can do anything; and 2) this guy had too much time on his hands. After 62 attempts, a man named Kyle scored a basket from 98 meters above the rim, setting a world record.

What the Fox Say?

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No, literally. Norwegian pop group Ylvis tries to help you figure out what sound foxes make in this bizarre new music video. Apparently, the answers vary and may surprise you.

Manhattan in 24 Minutes

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Reckless or impressive? An anonymous speed demon set a new record for a single lap around the borough of Manhattan, covering 26.5 miles in just 24 minutes. You have to see it to believe it.

Jon Stewart Is Back!

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After spending the summer in Jordan directing his first film, Rosewater, the ‘Daily Show’ host made a triumphant return to the anchor desk. But the Middle East changed Stewart, and he needed to go through a little American reorientation.

U My Jew-Bro

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After Iranian President Hassan Rouhani took to Twitter to wish a happy new year to the Jewish community, Conan O’Brien revealed many more of Rouhani’s ‘tweets.’

The Twerk That Won the Internet

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Step aside, Miley Cyrus. There is a new twerk queen in town. Caitlin Heller wanted to make a “sexy twerk video” for her boyfriend… little did she know it would end up being a little too hot (literally).