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Prince Charles Oldest Heir in British History

Today, Prince Charles becomes the oldest heir to the throne in history

09.19.13 9:58 AM ET

Although old age is definitely better than the alternative, today marks a grim milestone for Prince Charles – for on this day, he officially becomes the oldest heir in British history, surpassing the record of King William IV who acceded to the throne in 1830 after his brother, George IV died without any children.

Chaz will be 65 in November, which is a long time to wait for a job you have been told you will have since the age of three, which is when he became heir apparent.

The British website Royal Central spotted the unhappy anniversary, and also points out, “Queen Elizabeth II, the Prince of Wales’s mother, is already the oldest Monarch in British history and looks to still be going strong at the age of 87, well in line to overtake Queen Victoria in 2015 to become the longest reigning Monarch ever in British history.”

Prince Charles is known to be worried about ‘running out of time’ and today's significance is unlikely to pass him by.