Stars of ‘Orange Is the New Black’ Answer Fan Q’s Via Twitter—Here Are the Best Replies

The stars of Netflix’s fantastic series ‘Orange Is the New Black’ opened up what they called “Global Visiting Hours,” answering fan’s questions via Twitter today using the hashtag #AskOrange. Here are the best responses, from Crazy Eyes’ personal Instagram video for a lucky fan to Poussey’s amazing selfie.

09.25.13 8:35 PM ET

If you’ve been living under a rock (or in a women’s prison) you might not have heard of Orange Is The New Black. More likely, you inhaled the entire first season on Netflix over the course of one weekend.

Orange is the New Black - Episode 101 - Prod Still 31

Ursula Coyote for Netflix

Orange is the New Black - Episode 101, Yael Stone (L), Taylor Schilling (LC), Dascha Polanco (RC), and Vicky Jeudy (R)

The popular series takes place in a women’s federal prison in Litchfield, N.Y., and follows the journey of yuppie convict Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling). But the show's biggest strength is its diverse, talented, and primarily female ensemble cast. While everyone has their own favorite inmate, a few of the characters have garnered a particularly large outpouring of media attention and fan support. Sophia (Laverne Cox) is a trans woman struggling to retain her identity within an unfeeling prison system, while Pennsatucky (Taryn Manning) is the self-appointed prophetess of Litchfield, and her harrowing story takes center stage in the first season’s gripping finale.

These actors and more delighted fans today by taking to Twitter to answer Orange Is The New Black inquiries. The questions, posted with the hashtag #AskOrange, were both personal and plot-related, and ranged from serious to funny to super flirtatious. But the cast members who participated were unanimously sweet and genuine. Plus, they seem to actually like each other. Today’s onslaught of OINTB tweets should help keep viewers sated until the next season hits Netflix in 2014.

Jason Biggs (Larry) wants more screen time, period.


Uzo Aduba (Crazy Eyes) makes a personalized Instagram video for a lucky fan.


Matt McGorry, who plays heartthrob prison guard John Bennett, promises fans that he checks out their Twitters.


Taryn Manning talks Pennsatucky’s pungent smell.


Natasha Lyonne (Nicky) swears that Kate Mulgrew (Red) makes her laugh the hardest.


Uzo Aduba says OINTB has changed her view of female prisoners.


Jason Biggs and Pablo "Pornstache" Schreiber have a bromantic mustache moment.


And Schreiber admits that he loves his universally reviled character.


Selenis Leyva (Gloria) has a #talentcrush on all of her cast mates.


Emma Myles (Leanne) makes the Twitterverse very happy by insisting that the entire cast hangs out.


Laura Prepon (Alex) thinks Jason Biggs IRL isn’t as boring as the character he plays.


Laverne Cox (Sophia) is “proud to be a vessel” for the show’s vision, and is grateful for the huge impact her character has had.   


But more importantly, Cox is proud of her wig collection. It’s the one thing she would bring with her to prison.


Samira Wiley (Poussey) peaces out with a witty hashtag and matching selfie.