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New Security Scare At Buckingham Palace As Armed Man Arrested Attempting To Force Entry

Latest security headache at Buck House

10.14.13 2:12 PM ET

An armed man has attempted to gain entry to Buckingham Palace in the latest dramatic security scare to take place at the royal palaces.

At 11:30 today, the man who was armed with a knife, attempted to force his way in via the North Gate, the main everyday entrance to the palace to the right of the ornate central gates used for ceremonial occasions.

The police said they arrested the man following the incident, on suspicion of trespassing on a protected site  and possession of an offensive weapon. He is in custody at a London police station.

No-one was hurt in today's events.

Earlier this year, there was embarrasment for police after they jumped Prince Andrew and demanded he identify himself when he was walking through the paalce garden. That came after an optimistic thief was arrested after hours in one of the Buckingham Palace state rooms, the vast and opulently-furnished formal reception rooms which are open to the paying public during August and September.

He had apparently kicked down an external door after jumping the fence.