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Kim Kardashian Posts Revealing Post-Baby Instagram of Butt, Internet Goes Crazy

Kim Kardashian posted a revealing picture of her ample tush this morning on Instagram, and everyone went crazy. But there’s nothing wrong with being proud of your post-natal bod.

10.17.13 8:53 PM ET

It’s the butt that (almost) broke the Internet.

Early Thursday morning, Kim Kardashian posted a selfie to Instagram of the reality star-cum-entrepreneur in a skintight one-piece bathing suit—exposing her infamous derriere. And then everyone lost their damn minds. The photo has garnered close to 700,000 likes on Instagram and the #KimK began trending all day on Twitter.

Some (see below) were very critical of Kardashian’s photo, deeming it too revealing:


Some defended the picture, and applauded her hard work:


Some, like rapper Lil Debbie, cracked jokes:


And others found it, well, “comforting”:


We think it’s glorious.

Kardashian gave birth to her daughter with rapper Kanye West, North West, on June 15 of this year—five weeks prior to her due date. And, despite her grueling promotional schedule and myriad projects, she’s been hard at work, shedding a reported 25 pounds of baby weight through a 2,000-calorie a day diet and cardio.

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People seem to forget that, during her pregnancy, the tabloids treated Kardashian horribly. She was fat-shamed on an almost daily basis, with reports suggesting she’d gained anywhere from 65-70 pounds during her pregnancy (it was more like 37, according to Kardashian) and that she was binging on sweets. When she wore a black-and-white striped dress, the Internet cruelly compared her to a Killer Whale.

So, this is Kardashian’s big f*ck you to all the people who gave her hell during her pregnancy. And you know what? She’s earned it.

With that, we’ll leave you with her partner Kanye’s reaction to the picture—which is the best tweet you’ll see all day: