The Horror

Chucky, the Possessed Doll, on His Favorite Kills—and Katherine Heigl

In honor of the 25th anniversary of ‘Child’s Play,’ the possessed doll Chucky curates his list of favorite kills.

10.31.13 9:45 AM ET

1. Dinah Manoff, CHILD‘S PLAY

It was an honor to kill a Tony winner my first time out. Plus she deserved to be punished for Empty Nest.

2. Tommy the Doll, CHILD‘S PLAY 2

Tommy was my stunt double. Well, he got too uppity so I put him six feet under. That’s show biz.

3. Jennifer Tilly in BRIDE OF CHUCKY

You always hurt the one you love. Especially when the one you love has a voice like nails on a helium-soaked chalkboard.

4. John Ritter in BRIDE OF CHUCKY

Another true honor. Ritter was a total pro. He actually tried to set me up with Suzanne Sommers. Talk about scary.

5. Andy Robinson in CHILD‘S PLAY 3

Robinson played Scorpio, the serial killer who terrorized San Francisco in Dirty Harry. It took Clint Eastwood an entire movie to do away with him. I managed it in three seconds flat. Yo Clint: Consider this a formal challenge.

6.  John Waters in SEED OF CHUCKY

John Waters was asking for it. Literally. He’d been a fan for years and publicly expressed his desire for me to kill him on screen. So I obliged and threw acid in his face—just like he did to Divine in Female Trouble. An eye for an eye.

7.  Redman in SEED OF CHUCKY

Who the hell is “Redman,” you’re probably asking. Exactly. Consider it a public service. The rap world owes me.

8.  A Martinez in CURSE OF CHUCKY

When they first cast him, I thought he was that annoying jerk from NPR—reason enough to kill him. It was only after I cut off his head that I found out he was the OTHER A Martinez—the heartthrob from SANTA BARBARA. Oops.


But she’s managed to do a fine job killing her own career. Brava, Katie!

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