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Ellen’s Haunted House, Panda Cubs, and More Viral Videos

From the power of Photoshop on fashion images to an airborne tribute to a fallen soldier and a bus driver-turned-hero in Buffalo, WATCH our countdown of this week’s buzziest videos.

11.03.13 10:45 AM ET

5.  Pandas!

The first twin giant panda cubs to be born in the United States and survive past 100 days have been given names: Mei Lun and Mei Huan. This adorable video chronicles those days. It’s so cute, we can bear-ly stand it.

4.  The Power of Photoshop

Although this video was originally created in 2011, its popularity has peaked this week after being shared across social media. The eye-opening clip shows how graphic artists manipulate photos of models for ads—and the transformation is amazing.

3.  A Hero Comes Along

Sometimes ordinary people can be heroes, too. A bus driver was cruising along a Buffalo highway when he noticed a woman standing on the wrong side of the guardrail. He ended up saving her life.

2.  Ellen’s Haunted House

Talk show host extraordinaire Ellen DeGeneres is known for her love of scaring her guests and staff. After sending a staffer to a haunted house and amassing more than 4.5 million views on YouTube, she decided to do it again.

1. Tribute to a Fallen Soldier

Delta flight 2255 seemed like it was going to be an ordinary flight until about an hour before landing, when the captain announced that the aircraft was transporting a fallen soldier—and the whole plane fell silent. Here’s the dramatic announcement.