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Olmert Slams Netanyahu for His Public Reaction to the Geneva Deal With Iran

Quote of the day: 

"Everyone understood that this is something historic: The president of the Jewish State is sitting in his office in Jerusalem with an Israeli flag, and they're sitting in the Persian Gulf talking about security, war on terror and peace."

--Said by someone involved in the summit of Muslim countries, where Israeli President Shimon Peres was the opening speaker by video.

  • Yedioth revealed that Israeli President Shimon Peres spoke with 29 Arab ministers about peace and security by video at a summit in Abu Dhabi - and he was applauded.
  • Navy on high alert for 'reverse flotilla' from Gaza - Dozens of Palestinian and European activists on Monday expected to board boats headed from Gaza toward Israeli Navy ships enforcing the blockade on Hamas. IDF begins preparations and has reviewed standing orders to deal with the planned flotilla. (Israel Hayom)
  • Palestinians attacked in J'lem after being misidentified as Jews - Three Arab youths violently attack car of Palestinian family they misidentify as Jews. 'They tried opening the doors and my wife begged them to leave us alone. She spoke to them in Arabic and only then did they understand that we ourselves are Arabs.' (Ynet)
  • Israeli government claims 80% of Bedouin agree to resettlement; Bedouin leader: State is lying - Head of team for resettling Bedouin in Negev says most of the residents support a plan for resettlement but are wary of speaking out; Bedouin leader denies claim, says vast majority opposes plan. (Haaretz+)
  • Israeli forces raid al-Aqsa, detain 7 Palestinians following clashes - Israeli police and undercover forces escorted 26 Jewish Israelis to perform religious rituals near the Golden Gate in order to mark the Jewish festival of Hanukkah. Israeli forces assaulted a number of Palestinian worshipers and pushed them in the clashes that followed, and they detained 5 Palestinian men and 2 women. (Maan)
  • Army to integrate more women in combat roles - Ground Forces commander instructs corps chiefs to hand proposals for further integration of women in combat units. 'Why can't female soldiers fire shells?' says senior IDF source. (Ynet)
  • Olmert slams PM: We have declared war on US - In special conference on Geneva agreement, former PM slams Netanyahu over his public reaction to the nuclear deal with Iran, asking rhetorically: 'Who will be our savior, Obama or Putin?' Former MI chief says deal bad, but stress fact it is preliminary. (Ynet)

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