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Backstage With the Victoria’s Secret Angels

The Daily Beast went backstage at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, airing Tuesday on CBS, to ask Doutzen Kroes, Constance Jablonski, and more about their craziest fan moments.

The annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is back, delivering dozens of beautiful women with highly-coveted bodies in elaborate lingerie to millions of viewers watching at home in their pajamas, devouring pints of ice cream, and promising to hit the gym every day this week. But what about those fans who take their Angel admiration to a whole new level, tweeting love notes or instagramming photos? And what happens when they go too far? The members of One Direction aren't the only celebs to have wild super-fans. Backstage at the fashion show's taping on November 13, The Victoria's Secret Angels tell The Daily Beast about some of their own crazy admirers.

Doutzen Kroes

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty

"Ed from Victoria's SecretEd Razektold me that somebody threatened to kill him if he didn't give me three outfits for the show. So that's super crazy. I don't know how serious people are!"

Constance Jablonski

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty

"Backstage, some gentleman came to meit was a bit creepy actuallywith this album of all my pictures. He said, 'I made this for you, I'm your biggest fan, look at this album,' and it was like 200 pictures of myself. And it was really weird, because I don't even have that for myself."

Joan Smalls

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"I had two boys meet me at the airport, and they were like 'Oh, can you sign this for me?' so I was like 'Sure, of course,' and they pull out a booklet of pictures for their friends in school! They were like, 'This one's for Sara, and this one's for Billy,' and I was like 'Guys, guys, I have to go!! [Laughs]. So I thought maybe next time I should do a stamp with my name on it."

Martha Hunt

Jamie McCarthy/Getty

"I was just at Whole Foods the other day and a couple came up to me and they asked me, 'Do you know a good restaurant that's near here,' so I said, 'Yeah, ABC Kitchen, I love it, it's my favorite.' And then they're like, 'You know you look like that model Martha Hunt.' It totally took me by surprise."

Jourdan Dunn

Jamie McCarthy/Getty

"On Twitter, they say the craziest things to get your attention. I remember one time I [tweeted something], and someone replied, 'If Jourdan doesn't do it now, I'm going to go into my mom's room and stab her!' I was like 'Please don't do that!' Yeah, crazy stuff like that. And people tell me their secrets through DM's and stuff."

Izabel Goulart

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"Um, not crazy, it's always exciting. I'm very lucky, I never got that crazy stalker! All the fans are so sweet. What I think the craziest was definitely when I was on the runwaypeople just throw things on the runway, like letters talking about some story, or sometimes they make something with my picture. But the thing I love the most is that they always mail me pictures to autograph and letters to talk about their story. So I always make sure once a month I take one day just to answer and mail back all the letters."

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