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Dominic West Reveals That Metallica Keeps Him Going On South Pole Prince Harry Challenge

The latest update from the group attempting to walk to the South Pole

The Wire actor Dominic West - who is walking to the South Pole with Prince Harry and a group of wounded former soldiers - said today that listening to Metallica had kept him going when conditions got tough.

"I was listening to quite a lot of Metallica on the last stretch today and it’s really put a spring in my step, even though I was quite tired," he said in an audio blog issued by the Virgin Money-sponsored expedition.

"We’ve had a really good day today, it’s been really sunny, the wind was slightly on our faces for the first time, but not too bad and now we are doing 16k a day [...] so it is almost enjoyable, in fact it was enjoyable this afternoon, especially with music playing. I have fortunately not missed any days yet and I’m pleasantly surprised that I’m managing to keep up."

The race element of the walk was abandoned at the weekend after several of the walkers picked up injuries on the ice.

The intrepid adventurers are now walking the final 100 miles to the Pole.

US solider Chris Downey said, "It is starting to be where we are supposed to be: that is, making sure that all 12 of us wounded get to the South Pole and show the world that with the right support, attitude, opportunity and the chance that we can accomplish anything. Whether you are sick or ill, a wounded veteran or just anyone who is having a bad day or week, you can do it! You can just push yourself and put your mind to it and get to it. Now we get to share this all together and it is great. People aren’t afraid now to say when things are hurting or bothering them. There is no fear of letting the team down or slowing them down."