The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to the Oscar Nominations

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Francois Duhamel/Annapurna Productions

American Hustle
Picture, Christian Bale (actor), Amy Adams (actress), Bradley Cooper (supporting actor), Jennifer Lawrence (supporting actress), David O. Russell (director), Original Screenplay

The Real Story of ‘American Hustle’
by Jimmy So

The ‘American Hustle’ Style Guide
by Erin Cunningham

A Gleefully Chaotic Caper
by Marlow Stern

The Tao of J. Law
by Kevin Fallon

Jaap Buitendijk/Twentieth Century Fox

12 Years A Slave
Picture, Chiwetel Ejiofor (actor), Michael Fassbender (supporting actor), Lupita Nyong’o (supporting actress), Steve McQueen (director), Adapted Screenplay

‘12 Years a Slave’ Is Mesmerizing
by Marlow Stern

The True Story Behind ‘12 Years a Slave’
by Jimmy So.  

Michael Fassbender Opens up About ‘12 Years a Slave’
by Marlow Stern

Columbia Pictures

Captain Phillips
Picture, Barkhad Abdi (supporting actor), Adapted Screenplay

‘Captain Phillips’ is a Gripping, Award-Worthy Film
by Marlow Stern

Tom Hanks on His Riveting Oscar Moment
by Marlow Stern.  

‘You Have 30 Seconds’: The Real Captain Phillips’s Gripping Memoir
by Captain Richard Phillips and Stephan Talty

Being cast in a role like Llewyn was kismet for Isaac, providing an outlet for all of his passions. (Inside Llewyn Davis/Facebook)

Inside Llewyn Davis
Cinematography, Sound Mixing

Carey Mulligan, Star of ‘Inside Llewyn Davis'
by Marlow Stern

The Real Story of Folk is Far Less Dejected Than the Movie
by Jimmy So

The Coen Brothers on Their Brilliant Folk Film
by Marlow Stern

Oscar Isaac Is About to Be a Big Deal
By Kevin Fallon

Focus Features

Dallas Buyers Club
Picture, Matthew McConaughey (actor), Jared Leto (supporting actor), Original Screenplay

The True Story Behind ‘Dallas Buyers Club’
by Andrew Romano

Jared Leto’s Brilliant Turn
By Marlow Stern

Welcome to the McConaissance
By Marlow Stern

Margot Robbie and Leonardo DiCaprio in a scene from The Wolf of Wall Street. (Mary Cybulski/Paramount Pictures)

The Wolf of Wall Street
Picture, Leonardo DiCaprio (actor), Jonah Hill (supporting actor), Martin Scorsese (director), Adapted Screenplay

Jonah Hill on Prosthetic Penises and Finance Douchebags
 by Marlow Stern

Margot Robbie: The Wolf Whisperer
by Marlow Stern

The Real Wolf of Wall Street: Jordan Belfort’s Vulgar Memoirs
 by Jimmy So

The 21 Craziest Moments in ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’
by Marlow Stern

Finally! ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ is Hollywood’s First 1990’s Period Piece
by Andrew Romano 

Warner Bros. Pictures

Picture, Original Screenplay

How ‘Her’ Gets the Future Right
by Andrew Romano

Joaquin Phoenix Is the Greatest Actor Alive
by Marlow Stern

Scarlett Johansson’s ‘Her’ Performance Deserves Oscar Love
by Kevin Fallon

What ‘Her’ Gets Right about Technology and Love
by Caryn James

Can Robots Fall in Love?
by Jimmy So

The Mysteries of ‘Her’: Kristen Wiig’s Phone Sex Scene and More
by Marlow Stern

Warner Bros. Picture

Best Picture, Sandra Bullock (actress), Alfonso Cuaron (director)

Alfonso Cuaron on his Spellbinding Sci-Fi Film
by Marlow Stern

Alfonso Cuaron Explains the Darwinian Ending of ‘Gravity’
by Marlow Stern

François Duhamel

Saving Mr. Banks
Original Score

This Oscar Season’s Breath of Fresh Air
by Kevin Fallon

The Real Walt Disney, not the ‘Saving Mr. Banks’ Version
by Andrew Romano

The Battle Over ‘Mary Poppins’
by Nico Hines

Merie W. Wallace

Picture, Bruce Dern (actor), June Squibb (supporting actress), Alexander Payne (director), original screenplay

Bruce Dern’s Long, Strange Trip to Leading Man
by Marlow Stern

June Squibb Delivers This Year’s Funniest Turn
by Marlow Stern

Bob Odenkirk is the King of Dramedy
by Andrew Romano.  

Watch June Squibb’s Hilarious Turn as a Curse-Happy Granny
by Marlow Stern

2013- holiday-movie-preview-philomena
Alex Bailey/The Weinstein Company

Best Picture, Judi Dench (actress), Adapted Screenplay

Steve Coogan Makes His Bid For Some Serious, Dramatic Roles
by Andrew Romano

On Playing Philomena
by Dame Judi Dench

Give Judi Dench the Damn Oscar!
By Nico Hines

Performance of the Summer
Sony Pictures

Blue Jasmine
Cate Blanchett (actress), Sally Hawkins (supporting actress), Original Screenplay

Andrew Dice Clay on ‘Blue Jasmine’
by Marlow Stern

Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts in a scene from "August: Osage County," a film being showcased at the Toronto International Film Festival. (Toronto International Film Festival/AP)

August: Osage County
Meryl Streep (actress), Julia Roberts (supporting actress)

Julia Roberts is Back with a Vengeance
by Marlow Stern

Why Meryl is so Special
by Tim Teeman

The Meryl and Julia Show
by Kevin Fallon

Tracy Letts: Oscar Mania Is Frustrating
By Jason Lynch

Nibariki, Studio Ghibli

The Wind Rises
Animated Feature Film

An Anime Icon Bows Out
by Andrew Romano


Animated Feature Film, Original Song

Disney’s Sublimely Subversive ‘Frozen’
by Melissa Leon

The Best Disney Film Since ‘The Lion King’
by Kevin Fallon


Documentaries and Foreign Films

The Act of Killing: Indonesian Killers Brought to Justice 50 Years Too Late
by Tom Sykes

Dirty Wars: A Moving, Skillful Piece of Polemical Moviemaking
by Lloyd Grove

The Square: How Jehane Noujaim Made The Year’s Most Dangerous Documentary
by Andrew Romano

20 Feet From Stardom: 20 Feet From Oscar
by Kevin Fallon

The Great Beauty: The New Fellini
by Jimmy So

Omar: ‘Omar’ and the Oscars
by Maysoon Zayid


Robert Redford
Sorry, man.

Too Damn Handsome For Oscar?
by Andrew Romano