Spring Must Be Here

03.05.14 5:40 PM ET

Queen Elizabeth Bursts Into Song

Proving definitively once and for all that reports of her grumpiness are  much overstated, the Queen is reported to have launched into song while chatting to a young singer, trilling out a few bars by British popster Gary Barlow.

Laura Wright, 23, who will perform 'God Save the Queen' at Twickenham this weekend told the Daily Mail: “When I was talking to her, she sang a little bit of a track from Gary’s Sing EP..It sounded like she had a lovely voice. I did offer her some singing lessons, but I think she might be quite busy...She said Gary Barlow had told her that anyone can sing; it’s just a matter of learning, which I totally agree with.”

Barlow was chosen to compose the Queen’s official Diamond Jubilee single, Sing, with Andrew Lloyd Webber.