Spring Must Be Here

Queen Elizabeth Bursts Into Song

03.05.14 5:40 PM ET

Proving definitively once and for all that reports of her grumpiness are  much overstated, the Queen is reported to have launched into song while chatting to a young singer, trilling out a few bars by British popster Gary Barlow.

Laura Wright, 23, who will perform 'God Save the Queen' at Twickenham this weekend told the Daily Mail: “When I was talking to her, she sang a little bit of a track from Gary’s Sing EP..It sounded like she had a lovely voice. I did offer her some singing lessons, but I think she might be quite busy...She said Gary Barlow had told her that anyone can sing; it’s just a matter of learning, which I totally agree with.”

Barlow was chosen to compose the Queen’s official Diamond Jubilee single, Sing, with Andrew Lloyd Webber.