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The Best of the Beast, March 30-April 6

Our favorite stories for your weekend reading list.

Exclusive: Photos Expose Russian-Trained Killers in Kiev
by Jamie Dettmer

The slaughter of 53 protesters in the Maidan on February 20 changed history. Now, exclusive photographs show what really happened.

The Russian Spies Behind the Kiev Killers
by Jamie Dettmer

Following on a Daily Beast report, Ukrainian authorities say that Russian advisers and ex-President Yanukovych played a direct role in the slaughter of protesters on February 20.

How I’ll End the War
by Nick Willard

An American military officer leaving on one of the last deployments to Afghanistan before the war ends, writes about his experiences in a new feature for The Daily Beast.

Gay Rights Bullies Cry Victim
by Tim Teeman

In Andrew Sullivan’s assessment of Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich’s resignation, the former exec was “hounded” from his job by gay rights “fanatics.” But this was a business decision—and a revealing one.

Inside a Media Massacre
by Olivia Nuzzi

New Jersey’s biggest paper gets gutted—right when local reporters are most needed in Newark and Trenton.

Why Late Night Needs a Woman
by Emily Shire

With David Letterman retiring, it’s time to break comedy’s glass ceiling. And Chelsea Handler is just the woman to break up network television’s vaunted boy’s club.

My Therapist Dumped Me
by Lizzie Crocker

What happens when the man who you entrust with your secrets and feelings suddenly decides he’s no longer interested?

Why Kids are Making Us Crazy
by James Poulos

Once again, it all comes down to politics—or, more specifically democratization itself. But if only we could think less selfishly about the present and more about the far future then we may just save our sanity.

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