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Did Cressy and Harry Split Over a $1,000 Flight?

Cressida balked at paying to fly to Guy Pelly's wedding, report says

05.01.14 9:30 AM ET

Two competing narratives over the Prince Harry / Cressida Bonas bust-up in the UK papers today.

The Telegraph and the Daily Mail both claim to have the definitive account of what destroyed the most serious relationship in Harry’s life, and while the wedding of Guy Pelly  in Memphis features in both, it’s played differently in the two accounts.

The Telegraph says that Cressida balked at paying the $1,000 cost of the flight to Tennessee, while the Mail says she got spooked after hearing that she was to be seated on the top table next to Harry.

The Telegraph says, “Miss Bonas had to pay for her own £650 air fare and did not want to spend so much money if their troubled relationship was doomed. She chose to grasp the nettle and confront the Prince over their future, which resulted in a “bit of a bust-up” and the decision to go their separate ways.”

A friend of Miss Bonas told the paper: “Cressida was due to go to the wedding but she was paying for her own ticket, and she could only just afford it. She has never complained about paying her own way, though she has been hard pushed to do so. The widespread opinion that she is a wealthy heiress is complete rubbish, so it was quite a stretch to go to Guy Pelly’s wedding. Guy is not a close friend of hers so there would have been no point in going if she and Harry were splitting up.”

The Mail, however, claims that as well as the top-table issue (but come now, would Harry and her really ever have been seated anywhere else?), “Cressida’s discovery at the 11th hour that Harry’s plans for next weekend’s celebrations include some pre-wedding ‘boys’ partying’ to which she was not invited” was also a factor, and they fed into ‘trust-issues’ stemming from the naked Vegas pictures.

Hmmm. The Royalist’s own sources say the relationship was doomed by the increasing pressure Cressida has found herself under.

Friends of Cressida Bonas told the Royalist that the pressure of being constantly followed by photographers and journalists inquiring into her private life had pushed her to end her relationship with Prince Harry.

“She just got fed up with it," said one. “She and Harry are very fond of each other, but she wants to have her own life.”

The friend said that speculation about a reconciliation between the two was groundless, saying that Cressida had made up her mind that she did not want to live life inside the Royal fishbowl.

They also refuted suggestions made by People magazine that Harry had dumped Cressida for being “needy,” insisting the split was mutual and amicable.